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Super Therm Polythene 200Micron

 If you only have one door then please order the next size up.

 Super Therm polythene is 800 gauge/200 micron and made up of 3 layers for outstanding strength and performance. Its a 3 layer polythene made of exceptional quality material, which has a hugely beneficial thermal effect. The common misconception about polythene is the more layers, the better the product. Unfortunately this isn't true. More layers simply hide poor quality films, which are sandwiched inside a very average inner and outer skin. The result of these multi-layer (often called 5 or 6 layer) films is a noticeably poorer all-round performance - the thermal effect is significantly decreased.


Total Transmission of Visible Light

Total Transmission of Visible Light
The amount of available light entering the polytunnel through the film. Measured as a percentage of total light.
Super Therm = 90%


The scattering of direct light entering the polytunnel ensuring no shadows, so all plants receive equal light. Measured as a percentage of total light.
Super Therm = 30%

Thermal Effect

Thermal Effect
A pocket of additives within the layers of the film that ensure and maintain a stable and optimum temperature within the polytunnel, especially during the night when it is colder. Super Therm = 85%


Although guaranteed for 7 years against its biggest threat of sunlight degradation, when fitted correctly, it is not uncommon to hear our polythene covers have lasted in excess of 10 years.


Sunlight is the biggest enemy of polythene. While it's essential for the wellbeing of whatever you're growing, it also 'kills' polythene in much the same way you can find old discarded crisp packets lose their colour and become very brittle. Our polythene covers are developed and tested in the extreme conditions to give optimum performance and are UV stabilised to prevent the polythene from breaking down prematurely.

What is a KLy?

A Kilo-Langley is the measure of Solar energy radiated in 1 year. It varies from a minimum of 60 KLy in the Polar regions to 120 KLy in warm regions, and to a maximum of 200 KLy in the African desert. Southern Spain receives about 140 KLy whereas the UK receives about half of that, just 78KLy.    


Product Code
STHERM 7m x 10m


Delivery Lead Times

We are currently estimating that all Fruit Cages, Super Strength, and Garden Polytunnel orders will be despatched in 1-3 working days.

Polytunnel Accessories (including polytunnel covers) will be despatched in 1 -3 working days. 

Commercial polytunnels will be despatched in approximately 5- 10 working days. Please ask when ordering

Please note: Commercial Polytunnels require a forklift or adequate help to offload by hand. Please contact us should you wish to discuss this.


With effect for all new greenhouse orders placed from the 6th of February 2023, the following lead times can be quoted on your website, display sites, and sales literature. 

  • Mill finish with Horti and toughened glass - 4-5 Weeks
  • Powder Coated Standards (Compact, Maxim, Streamline, Delta, Craftsman, High Eave, Strata, Vantage, Belmont) 8-10 Weeks for ALL colours
  • Powder Coated Specials (all other models - Titan, Lean To, Dwarf Walls, Edge, Zenith, Supreme, and Classique) 10-14 Weeks for ALL colours

Please contact us should you wish to discuss this.

For offshore Islands, we will deliver to any UK mainland address of your choice. See the delivery page for more information

Sorry, but we can no longer deliver to the EU. This includes Southern Ireland.

Please Note  If you are buying online and paying by ClearAccept or PayPal. You will be charged the commission that we are charged by them for the transaction if for any reason the customer has to cancel. 

We supply and deliver polytunnels and greenhouses throughout the UK.  


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SuperTherm 200 Micron Cover for 10'x20' Polytunnel

Product Code STHERM 7m x 10m

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