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Polytunnel safety

Staying safe with polytunnels Polytunnels should not be erected underneath or close to overhead power lines. You must ensure that all people used to erect or dismantle polytunnels in the vicinity of overhead power lines are clearly advised of the dangers from: > Moving polytunnels and components to and from the site of erection. > Physically erecting and dismantling the polytunnels. > Make sure plastic sheeting is secure from high winds, both when you are erecting it and when it is fixed in place. > Please consider workers whose first language is not English. Before you start work Always check for overhead power lines in the area. A week or two before you plan to start work, you should contact your local Electricity Company for advice about the precautions and safe working practices to be followed near overhead power lines first. Do not assume that lines can be made dead. The best way to stay safe from live overhead power lines is to stay well away. Always transport long objects such as poles or ladders beneath lines in a horizontal position. Think ahead > Mark overhead power lines and their voltages on your farm maps. Your local Electricity Company will supply this information. > Your local Electricity Company will also provide free information and advice about the precautions and safe working practices to be followed near overhead power lines. > Overhead power lines should be at a minimum clearance from the ground of 5.2 metres (17 feet). However, live equipment fitted on poles maybe as low as 4.3 metres (14 feet). > Ensure that anyone using equipment used on your farm, including contractors, is aware of line heights and that they know the full maximum height and vertical reach of their equipment. > If possible only use machines less than 4.0 metres high. > Get copies of the HSE leaflets GS6 and AIS8 and use them to plan your work: and                                           

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