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Polythene Replacement

Why should you opt for polythene sheeting for Polytunnels?

Polytunnels are considered one of the sustainable options for gardeners. If you are a commercial grower and yield year-round, then polytunnels can be beneficial for you. Polytunnels are very durable and help to grow a variety of crops. The polythene sheeting for polytunnels also has a life. It can get damaged through UV rays but can be recycled. The best quality plastic coverings come with 7-10 years guarantee against UV degradation. Well-designed, constructed, and properly maintained polytunnels can last for years.

Benefits of using polythene sheeting for polytunnels

As you know polytunnels provide a lot of space to the growers to grow crops and the polythene sheeting gets adjusted with the frame. The polythene cover protects the plants and maximizes the yield by controlling the environment around the plant. The polythene covers can handle far more wear and tear than your average everyday plastic. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using these covers.

UV Absorption

Polythene Sheeting for Polytunnels has thermic and light transmission properties. It promotes anti-oxidants that help in growing the plants. The ultraviolet additive protects the polythene from getting damaged due to extensive weather conditions. The film transmits the full spectrum of UV light that plants get naturally.


This polythene sheeting works as a unique additive. The lumisol in the film helps in controlling the condensation of water on the film. It reduces condensation providing the film is properly installed. The water condenses uniformly on the plastic sheet rather than forming droplets and minimizes the risk of dripping the water on the plants thereby preventing the loss of light caused by these droplets. The film has a lifelong antifogging effect.


Polythene Sheeting for Polytunnels is made up of high-quality content and an anti-aging agent that improves the life of the film.

Diffusion control

The polythene sheeting manufacturers have started adding light diffusion properties. This helps in improving the amount of diffused light that reaches the crops thereby reducing scorching light transmitted to lower leaves. It has been also recorded that the diffused light reduces fungus spore development and controls the pest.


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