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Highland Super Strength polytunnels

The Original Highland Super Strength Polytunnel, do not be fooled by other suppliers using our brand name.
The Highland Super Strength garden polytunnels are ideal for small or large gardens. Offering the grower a very spacious area with 7'.6'' high to the apex. Hoops are spaced at 5ft apart as standard, whereas others often space theirs at 6ft to reduce costs and strength. The standard kit includes 50.8mm hoops, a full set of crop bars and two extra ridge bars for extra strength, timber base rails, four diagonal brace bars, set of ground tubes for soil, timber end frames, anti-hot spot tape, two single sliding timber doors, and a SuperTherm Cover with a 7-year guarantee.
Additional Extras. You can add extras such as Side ventilation… with a roll-up screen. A professional system without the need to cut holes in your polythene sheet galvanized staging along one or both sides, overhead irrigation, irrigation timers, or ground cover weed suppressant. 
Our Super Strength Polytunnels have undergone rigorous testing and assessment in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Manufactured from 50.8mm OD, galvanized steel makes our polytunnel very robust, especially for areas like the west coast of Scotland and the outer Hebridean Islands including Orkney and Shetland and even the Falkland Islands These polytunnels are supplied at 10' and 14' wide with the hoop spacing at 5' apart for extra strength.

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