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Domestic Polytunnels

Hobby/ Garden Polytunnel Kit

Kit Includes  

This garden polytunnels manufactured from Steelwork at 25mm OD with the hoops set at 5' apart, a set of ground tubes for soil, SuperTherm cover with a 7yr. guarantee, Anti-hot spot tape, four diagonal braces at each corner, 2 door frames made from 75mm x 47mm treated timber.

Optional Extras

Extras include a set of crop bars (The number of bars change with the length of tunnel) timber base rails made from 75mm x 47mm treated timber, 2 extra ridge bars, single sliding doors made from 50mm x 50mm treated timber (2' 5'' x 6'), side ventilation, irrigation and a phormisol ground cover.

Small and compact this garden polytunnel is idea for that small space in your garden. Our 8ft wide polytunnels are perfect for domestic use, for gardens and allotments. We would recommend buying the largest polytunnel that that your space and budget will allow, as plants we grow fast, healthy and giving you double the yield at harvest time.

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