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Cooling and Ventilation Fans

It is common knowledge that leaf mould and other crop disease thrive in wet, humid air. To combat this problem you will need to control the greenhouse environment, one resolution is to use various fans.

Bringing fresh air into your polytunnel via an air intake louvre can create the right growing environment; fresh air maintains temperature and produces healthier plants.

Once fresh air is in the greenhouse, air circulation fans will preserve a constant, level greenhouse climate. Circulating fresh air will keep the plants drier, giving less opportunity for diseases to develop.

Fresh air can quickly become stale and humid which can result in common plant diseases. Ventilation fans are ideal for removing this air, particularly in larger buildings, glasshouses or polytunnels where substantial amounts of air are moved at low pressure with minimal energy consumption.

For a more economical solution, the polytunnel extraction fan is easy to install and control. Installed simply by cutting a 30cm hole in your polytunnel roof, the fan is pushed through the polythene. The polytunnel roof fan can be used with a temperature switch and control panel.

For smaller structures, a polytunnel roof vent is ideal for removing excess heat without opening the doors. Manually operated by a simple pull-cord with a spring closing design to allow it to be closed tight when not in use.

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