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Commercial Polytunnels

Highland Polytunnels supply commercial polytunnels in the UK starting at 18ft wide going up to 30ft wide, also multi span or twin span polytunnels with 6m or 8m wide bays. When requesting a quote please ensure you give us as much information regarding the size and spec of the commercial polytunnel you require.

Things we need to know to enable us to deal with your request efficiently.
1. Width and length of the polytunnel?
2. Kind of cover? (Unsure of this? If we know your location and what you will be growing, we will advise you of the best for your area.)
3. Will you require base rails? (Base rails must bit fitted to the 30ft wide polytunnel.)
4. Crop Bars? These are bracing bars which go across the hoops and add 20% strength both snow and wind load, also handy to hang plants from.
5. End Panel Kits? These will close off the ends of the polytunnel and allow you to fit doors.
6. Doors? We supply aluminium and timber doors only for commercial polytunnels, single or double, sliding only
7. Side Rail and Netting? This goes along one or both sides of the polytunnel for ventilation.
8. Roll up Curtain? This allows you to close the sides of the polytunnel.
9. Do you require a quote for construction?

10. PLEASE NOTE: our system requires your FULL postal address and a contact number to enable us to quote for delivery and construction. Failing to supply this will only delay your quote.

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