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Things to consider while choosing Polytunnel Greenhouse for your Garden

A lot of people are passionate about gardening. If you have been growing fruits and vegetables and looking to boost your harvest, then you should probably consider investing in a polytunnel greenhouse for garden. It helps in providing shelter to plants from harsh weather conditions and controls pests. Whether you are new to gardening or a pro, a polytunnel greenhouse provides protection and comfort to the plants.

The rise of extreme weather conditions like rainfall and bitter cold has always been a challenge to gardening in the UK and polytunnel greenhouse for garden works the best. Both polytunnel and greenhouse serve similar purposes, i.e., providing a warmer climate to help the plants grow. They both can help produce a variety of plants for a longer period of time. Many people get confused between polytunnel and greenhouse. In this article, we will discuss some key differences between polytunnel and greenhouse and which one serves the needs of your garden.

  1. Polytunnels are basically constructed from galvanised steel hoops and tightly covered with clear or diffused plastic whereas greenhouse is made up of aluminium or metal frame glazed with glass or polycarbonate plastic. A greenhouse is expensive over polytunnels especially if toughened safety glass is used. Polytunnels require smaller investments as compared to a greenhouse.

  1. Polytunnels are significantly easier to install and assemble. It is built straight onto a soil base whereas a greenhouse takes a lot of time to construct and requires a very strong base to stand on. Dismantling greenhouse is another great task. However, they both are considered great options for growing fruits and vegetables.

  1. Polytunnels are flexible in terms of a greenhouse. To install a greenhouse the ground should be in level but polytunnels can be accommodated on any type of site. While both can be moved, polytunnels are comparatively much easier to be repositioned and provide greater flexibility to suit the requirements of your garden. The glass panels of a greenhouse can be risky to be relocated.

  1. Regulating temperature in a greenhouse can be difficult. In the winter months, the greenhouse requires more heat but balancing the temperature can be unviable. Whereas it is easier to balance the heat transmission in polytunnels as polytunnels are made up of polythene covers that help in providing appropriate sunshine to plants in summers as well as extreme winter climates.

So now, that you know the difference between a polytunnel greenhouse for a garden, you should be able to make the choice. If you are looking for a rigid structure and permanent option for your garden, then it is wise to opt for a greenhouse as that will be a solid solution for your need but if you are looking for flexible and value for money options then polytunnels can be considered as the best option to serve your need